A Back-and-Forth between Two Black Atheist Brothers

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Anti-Intellect and TheBlackGuyX decided to join together for an improvisational conversation on religion, god, atheism, and white supremacy. The result of this unconventional conversation is below.


Religion is what oppressors allow you to have when they won’t give you anything else. Think about it.


The oppressor had loads of justifications as to why enslaving African Americans was acceptable. From economic justifications to the ridiculous idea that Africans were the lesser race and need to be take care of by whites. Religion, specifically Christianity, was a justification that also came into play when enslaving African Americans. Both the Old Testament and New Testament give permission to hold slaves. The god of the Old Testament approved of slavery and Jesus showed that slavery was permissible in the New Testament. It was the belief of the slave owners that slavery, infused with Christianity, would liberate African Americans from their barbaric-like ways. Furthermore, as slavery went on, slaveholders argued that Christianity was a necessary evil because it less humane, sinful, black race.


Arguing that religion and belief in god should not be critiqued because they have the potential to empower sets up a dangerous precedent. The Atlantic Slave Trade empowered a lot of people. Should it be given a pass because some people used it to do good stuff?


The point you made about The Atlantic Slave Trade is an amazing one. No one NEEDS religion or belief in god to be empowered, for a sense of morality, or for a sense of comfort. Individuals are often dependent on religion and the belief in god because they are told at a young age that god is the answer, all knowing and all powerful. In most families, children are taken to church when they are less than 2 years old, to be baptized and taught how to be a Christian. This dependence and submission to God only increases as schools tell children that they must behave or God will be unhappy with them and send them to Hell when they die. Once these children are old enough to think for themselves they usually do not because the social norm around them since they were born has been that God is watching over them and to go against that would be to outcast themselves from their family, friends and school.


The fact that Black people are concerned with Jesus being Black is another sign of white supremacy. There is no large-scale Black interest in Jesus without white supremacy. It just does not happen. The only way you get masses of Black people interested in Jesus is through white supremacy.


Exactly! So many Blacks don’t know this because of mental slavery or just plain willful ignorance. Christianity and White Jesus, has often been used to justify white supremacy and African slavery. During slavery, we were stripped of our culture and all we were spoon fed with was White Jesus. When slaves first came over from Africa, they weren’t allowed to maintain their own traditions, languages, or religion. They were forced to live as slave owners demanded, forced to speak English or other European languages, and forced to worship the same religion as their slave owner.


A people with their own god(s) do not have to be concerned with a White or Black Jesus. We would be interested in us! The length that Black people will go to defend white supremacy never ceases to amaze me. Even if Christianity was in Africa in ancient times, there were ALSO hundreds of other religions. But we’re only fighting for White Jesus? This is more proof that it’s the white supremacy that you fighting for, not Blackness. Otherwise you would not have ditched the other faiths. Black people fighting over Christianity and Jesus, is more proof of our education into white supremacy. We would never fight for OUR gods. The only way that Christianity, in Africa, goes from 9 million to 380 million people is through White supremacy. We abandoned US. When Black people can name Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Noah, and Moses, but can’t name ONE Traditional African Religion or deity? We got a problem. The least Black people can do is be honest about our history. We owe that much to ourselves. You do not have to abandon Christianity, but you can at least be honest. I am not giving up English, but I know I speak it cause of Whites.

The Idea of Gods …

What Is god?

By: Connor Augustus / December 25, 2012

So many people today try to define who or what God is. Most people believe God is an all-powerful man/being. However, I don’t believe God is a he or a she. In fact, I don’t quite know what or who God is, (nor do I believe in one) but I’m going to give you the most logical explanation I can in explaining a much deeper version of ‘God’ so that maybe you will all understand.

First of all, the most logical thing is to say God is a force, and this is what I will try to explain further. In a traditional Christian sense, ‘God’ is a man in the sky. He watches everything we do. He passes judgment, gives revelations, and dictates the entire existence of what we call the “Universe.” What if I told you God wasn’t a physical being? Okay, not so hard to swallow necessarily, but what if I told you that God truly doesn’t exist, but exists nonetheless? Confused yet? Now before you get angry and close this page read on and follow the rest of my logic.

God is considered an all-powerful, all-knowing, ‘omnipotent’ being by just about every sacred text you read. However, most people don’t really consider the deeper meaning of an existence of “God.” In fact, to most, it is assumed that it is a man somewhere in the “Heavens” watching over us. Yet, we have been to the heavens of earth and beyond into the stars above and around us. Guess what? There was no God to be found. Yet millions of people still follow this “invisible man” to this day. I believe that even if the heads of every church came out and said,” Ya!! … We lied. God doesn’t exist. It’s all fake …” you would still have people deny that. You would still have people “Hold to their faith” and in the words of Nietzsche, “Faith means not wanting to know what is true.” People are afraid to accept what they don’t know, and even the things you lay out in front of them. If you give them something they don’t understand, or something different from what they know, usually they turn to their faith or as I like to call it their “comfort.” Faith is basically a powerful belief that there is something beyond space and time that governs the universe and loves you; although you can’t see ‘him’. Many people would rather hold to faith, for the simple fact of it brings comfort to the unknown, and the known alike.

We are afraid of the known and afraid of the unknown. That is our daily life and in that there is no hope, and therefore every form of philosophy, every form of theological concept, is merely an escape from the actual reality of what is. All outward forms of change brought about by wars, revolutions, reformations, laws and ideologies have failed completely to change the basic nature of man and therefore of society. –Thomas Jefferson

Part of what Jefferson was trying to say was that it is easier to believe in a separate reality that is more comforting than our own. He is absolutely right when he says humans are afraid of what they know, and what they don’t know. Strong people tend to take the fear of what they do know, and make money/fame off of it. For a weak person, sometimes that fear destroys them. It is easier to believe there is a being who loves us unconditionally always than it is to believe alternatives.

One of those alternatives is to indulge a belief similar to that of Scientology and say that God is an Alien. Yes, if you think about it, that explanation could work. Long ago, a “Man/Being” with “great power” aka superior technology, came down from the “heavens” and everybody thinks he is this all powerful being. From there they worship him, and start an entire belief system based on this “All powerful man.” In a certain perspective, this makes sense. Though, I would implore you to further research the idea that “God” is an Alien before coming to a hateful or accepting conclusion about it.  The reality is however, an entirely different and more powerful concept. ‘God’ is more than just a man or a being.  However, let us consider a deeper explanation, shall we?

Indulge me for a moment, and say that God is ‘Everything’ and when I say that, I literally mean EVERYTHING. For instance, ‘God’ is all intelligence, energy, and matter and interconnects everything and everyone together. God is and is a part of every force that drives life. The molecules that make up our entire existence, the water that keeps us alive, and the hydrogen that burns in the core of our sun. God is the planets, stars, and the entire Universe itself. God is gravity, inertia, every physical and mathematical law, and all the energies that bind our universe. God is the ultimate force that governs all forces of the universes. God has no gender, no physical ‘Body’ to grasp, yet he is everything physical and embodies every conceivable gender. Now flip this and say that not only is ‘God’ everything, but everything is a part of this ‘God.’ Please take a moment to soak this in, and ponder before reading further.

Now that your mind is filled with an idea of ‘Everything’ then consider the next concept. If God is everything, and everything is a part of “God”, then in essence God is nothing, because if something is everything (including existence itself) then essentially you can’t be anything at all.

(Although this is a topic for another time, we now start to break into Nihilism)

Now consider another concept. We as humans are made of the same molecules and atoms that make up trees, rocks, cats and dogs. We are a part of the same energies and matter of all life around us. That includes non-organic things like planets and stars. We are interconnected with the universe, and in essence we are interconnected with ‘God’ as well. (I would like to state that doesn’t make us quote “God” because while we are a part of everything and the universe, we are not everything.)

So, considering all of this, in a sense, the traditional God truly is false. The traditional ‘God’ all Atheists claim to be false, and all Christians swear by, is just an all-powerful man/being, that which lives in the heavens and dictates life and the universe. However, if you consider what I just said ‘God’ is so much more than that. Essentially, ‘God’ exists, yet in the sense most people think, he does not exist at all.

An Ethical Dilemma

The Trolley Dilemma by Blame it on the Analyst

The trolley dilemma is summed in two parts as follows. Suppose that a trolley is running down a hill at a fast speed, heading towards five people at the bottom of the street. When it reaches them it will surely kill all of them. You notice that there is a switch next to you that could direct the trolley to a side path where there is one man standing and once you do, it will be the one man that dies. Would you do it?

Most people would answer this question with an affirmative. Let us call this the switch scenario. The second scenario is that a trolley is again running down a hill at fast speed, aimed at five people at the bottom which it will surely kill. However this time you are standing on a bridge with a fat man next to you. If you push the fat man off the bridge the trolley will stop but kill that fat man. Would you do it?

The common answer here is no. This is somewhat strange as the consequences of the actions are the same. Moreover there is no easy way to justify why in the lonesome man in the switch scenario is any less innocent or involved than the fat man. Nor is there any increase or decrease in your involvement. In both situations the person was at the wrong place at the wrong time and in both situations you are actively deciding whom to kill.

There is however, as I believe, a problem with the scenarios that distinguish them. First, let me begin by saying that morality is in our nature, in the sense that it is somehow an evolutionary trait that we inherit. Whether or not this is in our DNA or a social trait is somewhat irrelevant to the discussion but if we did not posses some common moral code then our species would be extinct. Thus as such, I find it hard to believe that rationality has a large part to play.

There is also the problem of the moral code. Most people mistakenly think that there are absolute -in the sense of personal absolute, so that a person will say any act contradicting these is immoral for them- axioms of morals. For example one common one that a person may hold is that “Thou shalt not kill”. The problem with this is twofold. First, clearly there are cases when most people would consider it a moral act to kill, for example, a soldier killing the guards at a concentration camp to free the prisoners. Secondly, when there are more than one of these axioms, they tend to contradict each other. Take for a second axiom that “One should reduce suffering” which will contradict each other in cases of terminally ill suffering patients. Thus morality by it’s very nature considers the situation at hand.

The problem with the scenarios is then the following. The morality we receive is granted by, more or less, intuition. The first scenario is one that is imaginable, for example one may think of a pilot trying to decide where to crash to plane as to save as many people on the ground as possible. The second however is not. There are an array of other possible alternatives and an array of uncertainty surrounding this. First, unlike the first scenario where one can imagine that the switch would change the track of the trolley, there is no guarantee that the fat man will stop the trolley in real life. Secondly, in the second scenario the question to be asked is why the fat man and not us? Is there any guarantee that if I jumped in front of the trolley it wouldn’t have stopped?

My point here isn’t that the scenarios are not posed properly but that the second scenario is unrealistic and that as our morality is governed by the scenarios we can experience (and those we have) our answer to the second question seems to contradict the values described by the answer to the first. We are unconsciously trying to relate the situation with a more realistic one we may have encountered, and as such the questions that are raised, though they are ruled out by the scenario, still affect our judgment on the morality of the action.

Source: http://blameitontheanalyst.wordpress.com/2011/07/17/trolley-problem-an-ethical-dilemma/

Stop Indoctrinating Children!!

African parents, stop forcing religion upon your children!

By Kevin Onuma,

African parents need to stop forcing imaginary beliefs or religion upon their children. It is a pandemic disease plaguing most African nations, and is very common in Christian families or homes.

In Africa, many children are forced to go to church every Sunday by their parents, forced to attend bible studies, and if a Catholic – forced to participate in alter services. It is force in a sense that, these African parents make it mandatory and not a thing of choice.

What’s even more sad is that in Catholic churches, people are made to confess their sins to a priest! Afterwards they’re asked to recite “10 hail mary’s” and “5 our father’s”. The reverend father will then say…”go and sin no more”. I never took church or religion serious growing up as a kid, it’s just one of those things you do to satisfy your parents shallow request. What a life!

I was once caught up in such bondage, but some Africans will never understand what it feels like to be this FREE. Why? They’re still caught up in the bondage! Our African people must be properly informed!

Below is an interesting point from an intelligent poster on Tee Akins FB page:

“Belief in gods is passed to children before they have the intellectual wherewithal to question their elders. Like your cuisine, your traditions and your values, belief in gods become a part of your being. They become axiomatic beliefs rather than the conclusion of rigorous intellectual inquiry.”

The white missionaries really raped the crap out of Africa when they flooded the continent with their fairy tale bibles and brainwashing several years ago.What’s even more funny is – I’ve noticed that we practice Christianity more in Africa than those who invented it or brought it to us.

For example, in Africa, Nigeria to be exact, many Catholics attend mass at least 3 times a week, followed by charismatic, house fellowship, and prayer meetings, not to forget catechism classes – this is their regular routine. This means majority of African Christians spend more than half of their life worshiping an imaginary “God”.  They invest little to no time towards realistically developing their own self – their intellect is lost.

In African Christian homes, this is the life their children are forced to live. Does Africa truly need this? When are we going to wake up and realize we are being massively brainwashed with religion? In the US, I’ve noticed that majority of those that attend church services are Africans. Any intellectual being would apply critical and analytical reasoning to try to understand why this misconception of god exists in the mind of many Africans and not the world at large. Why Africa? We need to start questioning the effect and existence of religion on the continent if we truly want to gain more knowledge and solve our problems, if any.

African parents, stop forcing religion upon your children!

Another interesting point on Tee Akin’s page:

“But it need not be like this. We see many countries that are freeing themselves from this cultural artifact  In Japan only 4% of people are convinced gods are real. In Europe, plenty of countries have fewer than 20% of people who believe gods are real.”

African christian parents brainwashed in church

African parents in church – wailing, jumping and screaming for some so called god to save them, while their lives deteriorate further. -Teekay Akin

Below is the message attached to the above photo by Teekay Akin, informing the African people:

”This is just sickening and sad.

It brings tears to my eyes every time I see such.

And entire generation and people wasted, enslaved and bound in their ignorance, folly and assumption of knowledge!

Wailing, jumping and screaming for some so called god to save them, while their lives deteriorate further.

While other men and races are getting work done, solving their problems and developing their cities and lives, ours are in churches and mosques, crying and begging the gods they have been given for miracles.

Just sad!


Series of comments followed after Teekay Akin posted the above photo, and some interesting opinion were shared, some of which are:

  • Opinionist 1: 100% agree, this is totally tragic. Religion, superstition and magic acts like an invisible rope holding back entire nations in Africa. While Europeans are running away from superstition fast (and even the USA now has a rapidly growing atheist minority), Africans seem to be increasingly embracing it. It is pitiful and heart-breaking to see pictures like this.
  • Opinionist 2: How many square metres is the land they re standing on & calculate how many local industries/employment that space could accommodate only if they gave “Common Sense” a lil chance of breath.
  • Opinionist 3:  If the mother’s are brain-washed then the continent will surely be brain-washed too. Have you noticed that all eyes are closed, they are all blinded by darkness.
  • Opinionist 4:  And it’s always women in the front row. What would it take for people to realize that this whole concept of religion was/is a fallacy, nothing concrete, just empty? I always say, should your 5 year old son begin to query you about the contents of the bible, that’s where our foolishness would become evident. Cos obviously the answers wouldn’t appease his conscience. I guess all you’d say to him is ‘just believe son’, if you don’t, hell is guaranteed of which you’re not even convinced of yet as a parent and with this you subdue the child’s ability to reason as a human. Typical!
  • Opinionist 5: So when all is said and done, what does your belief in god offer you? a guaranteed seat in heaven? You truly believe, quite sincerely, that you’ve done anything to deserve that? or just some emotions you display towards an imaginary character will earn you that. Don’t be afraid, break free, it’s quite relieving!
  • Opinionist 6: The churches are silent on the issues that are affecting the African community. It is an evil, wicked and corrupt institution that is geared to keep us as eternal slaves, only this time we are not on the cotton field plantation in the south or the sugar plantation in the caribbean. Or the breaking stones in robbin island. The greatest and most deadly enslavement is the spiritual enslavement of our African Mind, where the enemy has become the deity. Deep down in the subconscious of our people they worship europeans, (the jesus syndrome). They see the oppressor as the god (their savor) even though europe never had a Divine Spirit. That Divine Savor or Saviours never came from europeans and never will. That Divine Spirit always come from African Edenic People. According to Bob law, “all the european have in their history is john wayne, alexander the barbarian, tarzan, and rambo,”
  • Opinionist 7: 100% agree, this is totally tragic. Religion, superstition and magic acts like an invisible rope holding back entire nations in Africa. While Europeans are running away from superstition fast (and even the USA now has a rapidly growing atheist minority), Africans seem to be increasingly embracing it. It is pitiful and heart-breaking to see pictures like this.

In conclusion, I believe the hands of time is changing. The days when African parents will no longer force imaginary beliefs or worshiping of imaginary gods upon their children will soon be over. The new generation of Africa is rising – they are powerful, knowledgeable, and intellect. The revolution has begun.

“Felony is the New ‘N-Word”

Felony is the New ‘N-Word”: Michelle Alexander on Mass Incarceration as “The New Jim Crow” in the Age of Obama

by Paul Street

Once you’re branded as a felon, all the “old forms of discrimination are suddenly legal.”

Early in her courageous and important new book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness (New York: New Press, 2010), Ohio State University law professor Michelle Alexander offers a painful and poignant memory from the evening of November 4, 2008:

As an African American woman, with three young children who will never know a world in which a black man could not be president of the United States, I was beyond thrilled on election night. Yet when I walked out of the election night party, full of hope and enthusiasm, I was immediately reminded of the harsh realities of the New Jim Crow. A black man was on his knees in the gutter, hands cuffed behind his back, as several polices officers stood around talking, joking, and ignoring his human existence. People poured out of the building: many stared for a moment at the black man cowering in the street, and then averted their gaze. What did the election of Barack Obama means for him?”

The Race to Incarcerate

What did Obama’s ascendancy really signify for the African American man waiting to be hauled off to the nation’s disproportionately black jails and prisons? That’s a good question. Consider the following cold facts from the officially “colorblind” United States, self-proclaimed homeland and headquarters of global “freedom”:

* Between 1980 and 2000, thanks primarily to the bipartisan U.S. War on Drugs, the number of people confined in U.S. prisons and jails rose spectacularly, from 300,000 to more than 2 million. Drug incarcerations accounted for the majority of that remarkable increase.

* By the end of 2007, more than 7 million Americans (1 in 31 adults) were under the supervision of the criminal justice system: behind bars or on probation or parole.

* The U.S. has by far and away the world’s highest incarceration rate (750 per 100,000, compared to 93 per 100,000 in, for example, Germany), “dwarfing the rates of nearly every developed country” and “surpassing those in highly repressive regimes like Russia, China, and Iran” (Michelle Alexander).

* Most of the spectacular number of Americans behind bars are incarcerated for non-violent offenses – drug crimes primarily – that most other nations do not view as remotely prison-worthy.

The per capital incarceration rate for drug offenses in the U.S. rose by 930 percent between 1980 and 1996.”

* Illegal drug use is the single leading offense for which U.S. prisoners are doing time.

* Thirty years ago, there were less than 300 arrests for drug crimes for every 100,000 adults in the U.S. There were 2 prison admissions for every 100 drug admissions. By 1996, the drug arrest rate more than doubled to nearly 700 arrests per 100,000 adults and there were 8 prison admissions for every 100 drug arrests. The per capital incarceration rate for drug offenses in the U.S. rose by 930 percent between 1980 and 1996.

It gets much worse when you factor in skin color. The people incarcerated and marked by prison histories and criminal records in the world’s leading penal state (the U.S.) are very disproportionately black and male:

* 1 in every 14 black U.S. black man was imprisoned in 2001, compared to 1 in 106 white men

* 1 in 9 black men between the ages of 20 and 35 was behind bars in 2006 and a much larger percentage was under parole, probation or some other form of penal control.

* The U.S. incarcerates a larger share of its black population than did South Africa at the pinnacle of apartheid.

* In Washington D.C., home to the nation’s first black president, 75 percent of young black men can expect to serve time in prisons.In the city’s poorest neighborhoods and across the many highly segregated black urban ghettoes that persist across (not-so) “post-racial” America, similar incarceration rates and expectations prevail and time behind bars has become “normative” for young black males.

* In seven states black Americans make up 80 to 90 percent all drug prisoners. In more than fifteen states, blacks are sent to prison on drug convictions at rates from 20 to 57 times greater than those of white men.

* Three fourths of all Americans behind bars for drug crimes are black or Latino.

* On any given day, nearly a third (30 percent) of black males ages 20 to 29 is under some form of correctional supervision.

* Blacks make up 12 percent of the overall U.S. population but account for more than 45 percent of the nation’s prisoners.

* One in three black U.S. adult males carries the crippling lifelong mark of a felony record [1].

Felony is the New ‘N-Word’”

This last problem – felony marking – is no small problem for social and racial justice in America. The prison experience itself is only the tip of the many-sided mass incarceration iceberg, whose chilling impact on black opportunity spreads across the societal terrain. A black minister in Waterloo, Mississippi argues: “Felony is the new ‘N-word. They don’t have to call you a nigger anymore. They just say you’re a felon…today’s lynching is a felony charge…A felony is a modern way of saying, ‘I’m going to hang you up and burn you.’ Once you get that F, you’re on fire.”[1A]


There’s reason for the preacher’s strong language. In the fourth chapter (titled “The Cruel Hand”) of The New Jim Crow, Alexander shows how once you’re branded as a felon, all the “old forms of discrimination – employment discrimination, housing discrimination, denial of the right to vote, denial of educational opportunity, denial of food stamps and other public benefits, and exclusion from jury service – are suddenly legal. As a criminal,” Alexander observes, “you have scarcely more rights, and arguably less respect, than a black man living in Alabama at the height of Jim Crow.”[2]

Source: http://blackagendareport.com/content/%E2%80%9Cfelony-new-%E2%80%98n-word%E2%80%9D-michelle-alexander-mass-incarceration-%E2%80%9C-new-jim-crow%E2%80%9D-age-obama

Stop Looking For A Savior

People have to stop looking for a savior. There is no savior out there. We, the people, are our own saviors. We have to be. And until we stop waiting for somebody to come down from the heavens and wave a magic wand to make everything all right, until we stop looking for that and get up off our asses and start working ourselves to make things right, then nothing is ever going to get better.

Men Aren’t Surviving !!!

Men aren’t surviving very well! We send to war to kill and be killed. They’re lying down in the middle of highways to prove their manhood in imitation of a scene in a recent movie about college football. They’re dying of heart attacks in early middle age, killing themselves with liver and lung disease via the manly pursuits of drinking and smoking, committing suicide at roughly four times the rate of women, becoming victims of homicide (generally at the hands of other men) three times as often as women, and therefore living about eight years less than woman.

– Olga Silverstein


Dr. Cornel West Defines Courage

“Courage is the great enabling virtue that allows one to realize other virtues like love and hope and faith. To have courage is to be willing to look unflinchingly at catastrophic circumstances and muster the will to overcome the fear, never to fully erase and eliminate the fear, but overcome the fear so that fear does not have the last word, or so that fear does not push one into conformity, complacency, or cowardice. Now for me in many ways, the opposite of courage is not cowardice but it is even worse than that, it is indifference and indifference to evil is more invidious than evil itself precisely because indifference to evil is contagious …”

 – Dr. Cornell West


YouTube Clip: Cornel West on Courage