A Back-and-Forth between Two Black Atheist Brothers

@Anti_Intellect & @TheBlackGuyX

@Anti_Intellect                                                @TheBlackGuyX

Anti-Intellect and TheBlackGuyX decided to join together for an improvisational conversation on religion, god, atheism, and white supremacy. The result of this unconventional conversation is below.


Religion is what oppressors allow you to have when they won’t give you anything else. Think about it.


The oppressor had loads of justifications as to why enslaving African Americans was acceptable. From economic justifications to the ridiculous idea that Africans were the lesser race and need to be take care of by whites. Religion, specifically Christianity, was a justification that also came into play when enslaving African Americans. Both the Old Testament and New Testament give permission to hold slaves. The god of the Old Testament approved of slavery and Jesus showed that slavery was permissible in the New Testament. It was the belief of the slave owners that slavery, infused with Christianity, would liberate African Americans from their barbaric-like ways. Furthermore, as slavery went on, slaveholders argued that Christianity was a necessary evil because it less humane, sinful, black race.


Arguing that religion and belief in god should not be critiqued because they have the potential to empower sets up a dangerous precedent. The Atlantic Slave Trade empowered a lot of people. Should it be given a pass because some people used it to do good stuff?


The point you made about The Atlantic Slave Trade is an amazing one. No one NEEDS religion or belief in god to be empowered, for a sense of morality, or for a sense of comfort. Individuals are often dependent on religion and the belief in god because they are told at a young age that god is the answer, all knowing and all powerful. In most families, children are taken to church when they are less than 2 years old, to be baptized and taught how to be a Christian. This dependence and submission to God only increases as schools tell children that they must behave or God will be unhappy with them and send them to Hell when they die. Once these children are old enough to think for themselves they usually do not because the social norm around them since they were born has been that God is watching over them and to go against that would be to outcast themselves from their family, friends and school.


The fact that Black people are concerned with Jesus being Black is another sign of white supremacy. There is no large-scale Black interest in Jesus without white supremacy. It just does not happen. The only way you get masses of Black people interested in Jesus is through white supremacy.


Exactly! So many Blacks don’t know this because of mental slavery or just plain willful ignorance. Christianity and White Jesus, has often been used to justify white supremacy and African slavery. During slavery, we were stripped of our culture and all we were spoon fed with was White Jesus. When slaves first came over from Africa, they weren’t allowed to maintain their own traditions, languages, or religion. They were forced to live as slave owners demanded, forced to speak English or other European languages, and forced to worship the same religion as their slave owner.


A people with their own god(s) do not have to be concerned with a White or Black Jesus. We would be interested in us! The length that Black people will go to defend white supremacy never ceases to amaze me. Even if Christianity was in Africa in ancient times, there were ALSO hundreds of other religions. But we’re only fighting for White Jesus? This is more proof that it’s the white supremacy that you fighting for, not Blackness. Otherwise you would not have ditched the other faiths. Black people fighting over Christianity and Jesus, is more proof of our education into white supremacy. We would never fight for OUR gods. The only way that Christianity, in Africa, goes from 9 million to 380 million people is through White supremacy. We abandoned US. When Black people can name Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Noah, and Moses, but can’t name ONE Traditional African Religion or deity? We got a problem. The least Black people can do is be honest about our history. We owe that much to ourselves. You do not have to abandon Christianity, but you can at least be honest. I am not giving up English, but I know I speak it cause of Whites.


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