Where Was “God” ?

Where Was God The Night Trayvon Martin Was Murdered?

by Anti-Intellect

There was no god on Trayvon Martin’s side the night he was murdered. Like all of us, he was on his own. There is no amount of prayer or belief in god that could have helped him the night that George Zimmerman decided to profile, stalk, and murder him. The fact that both the Zimmerman and Martin/Fulton families made references to god following the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman murder case is disgusting to me on various levels. How is god on your side when, at almost every step, it has sided with your oppressor? Trayvon Martin was murdered, his body filed away as a John Doe, his killer was not arrested for weeks, and a jury found his killer not guilty. How is that reflective of god being on Trayvon Martin’s side? How is that reflective of god being on Black people’s side?


The central belief uniting the Martin/Fulton and Zimmerman families is the belief that god is on both of their sides. Both families think that a nonexistent god is on their side. Zimmerman’s parents continue to go on national television saying that they pray that Trayvon is in a better place. This kind of ignorant, insensitive, and disrespcetful statement is only possible with belief in god. As asinine as both beliefs are, the Zimmerman’s actually have more of a claim to god being on their side than the Martin/Fulton family. Afterall, Zimmerman is still alive and he got off scot-free. It takes a special kind of ignorance for the oppresser and the oppressed to both think that god is on their side. Belief in god is one hell of a drug.


How many more Black people have to die before we realize that that we are on our own? There is no god looking out for out race. There is no god protecting Black youth like Trayvon Martin and Aiyana Jones. There is no god protecting Black adults like Marissa Alexander and Marco McMillian. It should outrage Black people when someone tries to rationalize the violence visited upon us daily with an excuse as disrespectful as the notion that a god is on our side. I love Black people too much to see us disrespect ourselves with continued belief in some White man in the sky, supposedly looking out for us. I want Black people to believe in each other. I want Black people to call on each other.


As we remember the life of Trayvon Martin, we must remember that we are our saviors. We must be the ones in the street proesting. We must be the ones demanding justice. The false notion that a god is looking out for us has run its course.


I am often accused of injecting critiques of god into everything. This is, curiously, not that different from racist people who accused Blacks of injecting race into the Zimmerman murder trial. It is true that I am an atheist activist, and I am critical when people make statements about god. My atheism is rooted in a love Black people, so it is hard for me to look at what has happened to Black people, what continues to happen to Black people, and continue to believe in god. What do I believe in? I believe in the endurance of Black people. We are not a perfect people, no race is, but we still find ways to love.


I do not want to hear that god is the ultimate judge, and that we should not forget this fact despite the jury not finding Zimmerman guilty of murdering Trayvon. I want justice in this world. Why does justice, for Black people, so often delayed as we wait for a pearly-gate reversal, promised to us in a book written by White men?


The people who think god is on their side are as delusional as the ones who think that the Zimmerman case was not about race. Ignorance is bliss. How is it that god is on everyone’s side, but it just so happens that the Black kid is dead and his killer a free man?


Zimmerman’s parents had the audacity to go on national television and state that they pray that Trayvon is in a better place.


If an “all-powerful” god is just going to sit on the sidelines when Black kids are murdered, on their walk home, then that god is useless. The world continues to defecate on Black people, yet we still think that there is a god on our side.


We are on our own.


We always have been.



8 comments on “Where Was “God” ?

  1. Exquisite essay. I agree with every word. I understand how learned theism, and it is learned, not innate, and consistent injustice makes many Black people cling to prayer to cope daily and theism itself to try to make sense of things. It doesn’t make sense though. If God exists, this God aligns with the will of imperialist White supremacist capitalist hetero-patriarchy OR ignores us altogether. Either way, why do we then owe this god worship, one who can take “credit” for anything good that happens but anything bad that happens is human fault and the bad most certainly disproportionately happens to Black people. I for one have had enough. Trayvon deserves better than half-assed explanations. Human-made racism and White supremacy is why his young life was stolen, period.

  2. You sound very upset with God and naturally so. God understands our anger. To explain the answer to your question you must understand one thing:God is love. Love is free and not forced. It respects all things. And because God loves us He gave us the freedom to choose. Because you can’t love someone by force. That is not love. In order for us to receive and give love it must be completely voluntary. So we as humans have the power to choose. George Zimmerman chose to follow Trayvon. George Zimmerman chose to shoot him down. Where was God? Yes He was right there. Witnessing the destruction that His children wrought on each other. Why didn’t He stop it? Because we have free will.I don’t know the personal relationship that Trayvon had with God. I don’t know if he called out to Him. The bible says that “His ways are higher than our ways”. Meaning we will never understand some of things that He does. Understand the trials that He puts in front of us. That is why we have Faith. Something you may call ridiculous and crazy however it is real as the air I breathe for people like myself and Trayvon’s family. And yes even George Zimmerman’s family- because He is loving and forgiving. God is the Almighty Ruler who loved us enough to respect our wishes and choices in life. He even endures the criticisms by so many people like yourself. But He even loves you. And is calling you. I will pray for you.

    • You beat me to it. He was there, and He’s always there if we accept Him. He has a plan, no matter how much we mess up. I can’t see it yet on this one, but I KNOW He’s there.

  3. Well, you sound like a rational thinker to me so answer me this one question: Look into history, you can disbelieve in God but not Jesus Christ because, he was, after all, at the very least, a historical figure, as was Muhammad, Buddha, Gandhi, the Dali Lama, and many others. Now, you have to have just a little imagination besides your rational thinking, so pretend that you are to be judged for your life and one, only ONE, historical figure can YOU pick to judge you? Knowing their histories, their words, which one would YOU pick to judge you?

  4. The problem with the GOD that the American society has instilled in it’s people is that he is a white man. That is the very problem. White people need god to be white simply because he represents the ultimate power -the creator of all things. It makes sense that the power mongers would socialize people to worship a white god because it covertly justifies manifest destiny. To cover it up we say Oh it doesn’t matter what color he is. Yes it does, especially if he resembles the people who carry the torch of power. Personally because of Trayvon and other personal issues I am grappling with my personal belief in GOD and am actually hoping that I get to go to hell. At least I wouldn’t be in this world and I would be in a better place. The indifference in this world among the human race has gotten to be out of hand and as a female African American with a lot of broken dreams, failed successes, and sexist/racist/classist experiences . What also infuriates me is the racial hierarchy that is silenced in this country. Zimmerman was given white privilege not only because he has a white father but because brown people (even though they experience racism) are still a little bit “better” than black people. Brown people come from societies in which they never really had a Civil Rights Movement so the darker their skin is they are socially conditioned to accept that they are less then the lighter-that is what makes white (Americans) like them just a little bit more. I have had a plenty of Latin people tell me that they would be more accepted in this society than I would. This case justified everything Latin people have ever told me.

  5. There are many who use the word “god” but do not mean a literal sentient being in the sky who knows all and sees all. Many say god when they mean something like a universal connection between all human beings. Or, more simply, love.

    So saying something like “there is no god” disagrees with a lot more people then saying something like “there is no all seeing all knowing entity who is looking out for us.” This is meaningful because, atheists, like all minorities, need allies who will fight for them and their rights. And it’s hard to be an ally to someone who tells you to your face “you are an idiot.” Especially when you actually agree with them in all meaningful ways, except for the definition of a word.

    Now, as for this as a proof that there is no all knowing all seeing god that loves us, it is logically flawed. If you think of a such a being as being more knowledgeable than we are, then you can think of them like a parent. As a parent to my children, I know much more than they do about pretty much everything. So, when I do something like tell my kid to eat his vegetables, or turn off the tv, or do his chores, he may think of me as the worst possible person in the world. Someone who wants nothing more than to make him suffer. But I have a plan. And I have communicated that plan. But he forgets when it displeases him.

    I am NOT saying that I agree with the above analogy. I’m simply pointing out that IF you believe in a sentient being that knows more about everything than you do, then it is easy to infantalize yourself and say something that sounds like “well, this must be part of His plan, even if I don’t understand it.”

  6. Nice job Derrick. I love you and black people. Please continue to educate us and influence those that deserve inspiration and insight. Until next time…

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