Is that Breakdance Fighting?

Is that Breakdance Fighting?: My Take on Capoeira [Kindle Edition]

Dan Tres OMi (Travado) (Author), Yetunde Rodriguez (Illustrator)

Is that Breakdance Fighting?: My Take on Capoeira
What is Capoeira? Is it a dance? Is it a fight? Is it a game? Is it really a Martial Art? Why do people refer to it as ‘break dance fighting?’ Why is Capoeira the butt of jokes? Where is Capoeira going? Will Capoeira go mainstream? Is Capoeira an effective Martial Art? I pondered these thoughts as I lay on my back after the 50th takedown I was a victim of. As I looked up trying to figure out how I was going to get up while looking at the musty ceiling, the answers to these questions swirled in my head. Who would have thought that being slammed onto the mat so many times would bring so much clarity? While laying on that floor, I had to ask myself a series of other questions. Why was I paying so much money and traveling so many miles to train? At 39 years of age, why am I training in a martial art that is overflowing with young people with beautiful tattooed bodies that moved faster than I did at their age? As my back ached, I realized how much I love Capoeira and why I should write a book about it.

If anything, Travado, a self proclaimed Capoeira evangelist asks more questions. He poses questions for regular practitioners to debate. His goal is to not just spread the “gospel” of Capoeira, but to further the debate and expand the practitioners approach to Capoeira.

Peoples Rodriguez

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