*Please Help Fund The Philadelphia Youth Project*


Click the Link to Contribute: http://igg.me/p/293057/x/1876388

What is The Philadelphia Youth Project (PYP)?

The goal of the Philadelphia Youth Project (PYP) is to engage, encourage and educate the youth in Philadelphia through community events, ‘life-building’ workshops and educational events.

Why I am starting the Philadelphia Youth Project?

My name is Christopher McFadden Jr. I was born, raised, and currently reside in West Philadelphia. I have always had a passion for education. In fact, my appreciation and vigorous focus on my own schooling blinded my ability to see the poor educational conditions that were ongoing in my community. Upon completing my Masters in Criminal Justice in 2009, I became a middle school Special Education Co-Teacher at Young Scholars Frederick Douglass School in North Philadelphia. The three years I spent working in that community was an eye opener. It taught me to appreciate the youth even more than I did and that appreciation gave me the motivation to bring change to my community. My current focus is community involvement; specifically to help young men focus on academic and social progress. I am a mentor at Overbrook High School. I mentor young men between ninth and twelfth grade. My mentoring includes social and academic after schools programs, those programs are MAN Up, Homework club, Reading Club, and Fitness Friday.


The Big Event

“Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain, and most fools do.” – Benjamin Franklin

The youth in Philadelphia encounter violence daily on their streets, and in their homes, schools, romantic relationships, and online. However, it is a mistake to see young people only as a problem to be solved. It is time to start seeing them as part of the solution to the crisis of violence in Philadelphia. With your donations, we will host the Philadelphia Youth Project Kick-Off, a community event that will invite community members, businesses, leaders and most importantly, Philadelphia’s youth, out to educate and inform them about educational, employment, and volunteer opportunities.

The Philadelphia Youth Project (PYP) will feature speakers and poets who emphasize the importance of non-violence and support the positive progression of the youth in Philadelphia. Along with the speakers and poets there will be companies and organizations that are specifically geared toward supporting the Philadelphia youth. The youth themselves will have the opportunity to sign up with the organizations and/or speak with the companies about volunteer work.

If you believe in the power of youth and support their progression, come to The Philadelphia Youth Project (PYP) Kick-Off. To achieve upward mobility in our community is not easy but it can be done. This is our opportunity to achieve upward mobility and change the route of the issues facing the youth.

Click the Link to Contribute: http://igg.me/p/293057/x/1876388

What We Need

We hope to fundraise at least $1,200 to make this event possible. Our expenses include the following:

Cost of the venue:

The venue will be West Philadelphia High School.

Educational prizes:

At the event, there will be a raffle for the children to have the opportunity to win educational prizes. Those educational prizes will include Kindles, Nooks, iPods, and books.

Thank You

To show gratitude for your contributions, contributors will receive personal letters of appreciation for providing the means for us to be able to hold the event.

If the entire goal for funds is not achieved the event will still take place but we may not be able to provide the educational prizes as an incentive.

Other Ways You Can Help

All contributions are valuable and welcome. A most valuable contribution is your help in spreading the word for this event. There are tools on the Indiegogo site that you may use to share the information about the project with others. If possible, you may also use the social networking websites that you are a part of to share this information.


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