Black Men & Patriarchy

Patriarchy Is Not Logical, Boo

So, I had to laugh yesterday when a boringly patriarchal Black man accused me of only wanting to “crush” Black men. I was wondering with what racial, gender, economic or political power I was going to do this crushing with. In most cases, without a weapon (or even with one), I could not even do that physically. I most certainly cannot sociopolitically.

What he meant was by not digitally giving him head by worshipping and co-signing his patriarchal tweets or for some Black men, even complimenting their avatar, I seek his destruction.

You see, male oppression (in the context of a man and woman of the same race) = hurting his feelings. That’s it. He would not dare criticize the White supremacist capitalist patriarchal systems and institutions that he seeks to emulate versus eradicate. Achieving patriarchal power is quite too important to him to critique the White men who deny it to him in many ways. Thus, blame Black Women 101 starts.

The absolute funniest part is that he claimed that being a Womanist “blocks” my logic. Because…worshipping patriarchy is logical and has brought Black men so much joy and peace? Please see The Middle Passage. Please see lynching. Please see Prison Industrial Complex. Further, how logical is it to consistently disregard knowledge and research of socialization and cultural norms (though ALL research is subject to inquiry), not biology, as the primary cause of “gendered” behavior. Why? Because Steve Harvey or a random pan-African heterosexual able-bodied Black male who is sexist and homophobic said so?

He tried the boring “it’s biological for me to dominate and control you” argument. This is always fun when Black men or other men of colour start this argument. They NEVER have a good answer as to why White men should not be able to dominate and control them since Whites feel biologically superior to Blacks and other people of colour. Feel. Because that is what it is. A feeling based on bigotry. Even the ever so worshipped Thomas Jefferson had a collection of writings filled with lies and pseudoscience to justify White domination. Centuries of medical practice reveal this.

Black men like this need to read Medical Apartheid by Harriet A. Washington and learn their goddamn history. Then they can read Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine, as a start on their ideas of superior gender. Then read bell hooks. Then read all of the Black foremothers’ writing. Then read James Baldwin so they can be reminded of how Whites think Black men are inferior and how they as Black men are using the same flawed arguments Whites do against both of us as flawed arguments against Black women. While they do all this reading and studying though, they can stay the entire fuck out of my Twitter mentions. Feminist Black men need only apply.



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