The Idea of Gods …

What Is god?

By: Connor Augustus / December 25, 2012

So many people today try to define who or what God is. Most people believe God is an all-powerful man/being. However, I don’t believe God is a he or a she. In fact, I don’t quite know what or who God is, (nor do I believe in one) but I’m going to give you the most logical explanation I can in explaining a much deeper version of ‘God’ so that maybe you will all understand.

First of all, the most logical thing is to say God is a force, and this is what I will try to explain further. In a traditional Christian sense, ‘God’ is a man in the sky. He watches everything we do. He passes judgment, gives revelations, and dictates the entire existence of what we call the “Universe.” What if I told you God wasn’t a physical being? Okay, not so hard to swallow necessarily, but what if I told you that God truly doesn’t exist, but exists nonetheless? Confused yet? Now before you get angry and close this page read on and follow the rest of my logic.

God is considered an all-powerful, all-knowing, ‘omnipotent’ being by just about every sacred text you read. However, most people don’t really consider the deeper meaning of an existence of “God.” In fact, to most, it is assumed that it is a man somewhere in the “Heavens” watching over us. Yet, we have been to the heavens of earth and beyond into the stars above and around us. Guess what? There was no God to be found. Yet millions of people still follow this “invisible man” to this day. I believe that even if the heads of every church came out and said,” Ya!! … We lied. God doesn’t exist. It’s all fake …” you would still have people deny that. You would still have people “Hold to their faith” and in the words of Nietzsche, “Faith means not wanting to know what is true.” People are afraid to accept what they don’t know, and even the things you lay out in front of them. If you give them something they don’t understand, or something different from what they know, usually they turn to their faith or as I like to call it their “comfort.” Faith is basically a powerful belief that there is something beyond space and time that governs the universe and loves you; although you can’t see ‘him’. Many people would rather hold to faith, for the simple fact of it brings comfort to the unknown, and the known alike.

We are afraid of the known and afraid of the unknown. That is our daily life and in that there is no hope, and therefore every form of philosophy, every form of theological concept, is merely an escape from the actual reality of what is. All outward forms of change brought about by wars, revolutions, reformations, laws and ideologies have failed completely to change the basic nature of man and therefore of society. –Thomas Jefferson

Part of what Jefferson was trying to say was that it is easier to believe in a separate reality that is more comforting than our own. He is absolutely right when he says humans are afraid of what they know, and what they don’t know. Strong people tend to take the fear of what they do know, and make money/fame off of it. For a weak person, sometimes that fear destroys them. It is easier to believe there is a being who loves us unconditionally always than it is to believe alternatives.

One of those alternatives is to indulge a belief similar to that of Scientology and say that God is an Alien. Yes, if you think about it, that explanation could work. Long ago, a “Man/Being” with “great power” aka superior technology, came down from the “heavens” and everybody thinks he is this all powerful being. From there they worship him, and start an entire belief system based on this “All powerful man.” In a certain perspective, this makes sense. Though, I would implore you to further research the idea that “God” is an Alien before coming to a hateful or accepting conclusion about it.  The reality is however, an entirely different and more powerful concept. ‘God’ is more than just a man or a being.  However, let us consider a deeper explanation, shall we?

Indulge me for a moment, and say that God is ‘Everything’ and when I say that, I literally mean EVERYTHING. For instance, ‘God’ is all intelligence, energy, and matter and interconnects everything and everyone together. God is and is a part of every force that drives life. The molecules that make up our entire existence, the water that keeps us alive, and the hydrogen that burns in the core of our sun. God is the planets, stars, and the entire Universe itself. God is gravity, inertia, every physical and mathematical law, and all the energies that bind our universe. God is the ultimate force that governs all forces of the universes. God has no gender, no physical ‘Body’ to grasp, yet he is everything physical and embodies every conceivable gender. Now flip this and say that not only is ‘God’ everything, but everything is a part of this ‘God.’ Please take a moment to soak this in, and ponder before reading further.

Now that your mind is filled with an idea of ‘Everything’ then consider the next concept. If God is everything, and everything is a part of “God”, then in essence God is nothing, because if something is everything (including existence itself) then essentially you can’t be anything at all.

(Although this is a topic for another time, we now start to break into Nihilism)

Now consider another concept. We as humans are made of the same molecules and atoms that make up trees, rocks, cats and dogs. We are a part of the same energies and matter of all life around us. That includes non-organic things like planets and stars. We are interconnected with the universe, and in essence we are interconnected with ‘God’ as well. (I would like to state that doesn’t make us quote “God” because while we are a part of everything and the universe, we are not everything.)

So, considering all of this, in a sense, the traditional God truly is false. The traditional ‘God’ all Atheists claim to be false, and all Christians swear by, is just an all-powerful man/being, that which lives in the heavens and dictates life and the universe. However, if you consider what I just said ‘God’ is so much more than that. Essentially, ‘God’ exists, yet in the sense most people think, he does not exist at all.


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