“We Sold Each Other Into Slavery.”

“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

The single most effective White propaganda assertion that continues to make it very difficult for us to reconstruct the African social systems of mutual trust broken down by U.S. Slavery is the statement, unqualified, that, “We sold each other into slavery.” Most of us have accepted this statement as true at its face value. It implies that parents sold their children into slavery to Whites, husbands sold their wives, even brothers and sisters selling each other to the Whites. It continues to perpetuate a particularly sinister effluvium of Black character. But deep down in the Black gut, somewhere beneath all the barbecue ribs, gin and whitewashed religions, we know that we are not like this.

This singular short tart claim, that “We sold each other into slavery”, has maintained in a state of continual flux our historical basis for Black-on-Black self-love and mutual cooperation at the level of Class. Even if it is true (without further clarification) that we sold each other into slavery, this should not absolve Whites of their responsibility in our subjugation. We will deal with Africa if need be. – Oscar L. Beard, Consultant in African Studies

4 comments on ““We Sold Each Other Into Slavery.”

  1. So very true. These words resonate deep within the black psyche making us feel like tricksters, hustlers, and money hungry animals. This idea has put deep shame into the stomachs of black Americans. This harmful notion adds to the despair and confusion that already comes with being a decedent of geographical displacement.
    I denounce this misinformation. During the slave trade many African families were told that their sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters would be taken to a new land and given great opportunity and an enhanced way of life. Many mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters kissed their loved ones goodbye thinking that they were saving them from a life of hardship. They didn’t know that they were being taken away to slavery until it was too late.

  2. It is true that many Africans sold their fellow Africans into slavery. But it is also true that other outsiders who were white came and took slaves.

    • yeah its true, the kings of some African country’s use to do a trade, for example the white people would give them technology in return for slaves. but when the kings got enough of these gifts the white people brought, the white people would kill them and take all the black people in the village. well i don’t see why theirs racism today in America i mean most black people here are or were missed the original black man skin is really black i mean like actually black.

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