There are Black Men who still love Black Women!

There is a belief that Black men, especially those who are successful, are no longer interested in Black women and that they desire women of other races. This thought process is perpetuated by the many brothas who work in Hollywood, the music industry, and professional sports that are dating women of other races. This thought is further validated through the number of college-educated brothas with great jobs who choose to date outside of their race.

Despite these public images which suggest that Black men are not interested in Black women, I can assure you that there is a large group of brothers who still love our Black queens. The media has never given our Black sistas a true platform to be appreciated and loved, so to expect that they would allow successful Black men to be seen with beautiful Black sistas would be wishful thinking. Outside of a few well-known couples, you hardly see Black couples on television (unless they are divorcing or in an unhealthy reality-show relationship).

As a successful Black man who is married to a beautiful Black queen, I would not have it any other way. A majority of my close friends, whom are all successful Black men, are either searching for, dating, or married to beautiful Black women. My purpose for writing this article is to say that we are out here sistas and we still love and appreciate you. Although some of us are married and are no longer available, there are a lot of good single brothas in the world.

By no means am I against interracial relationships. Actually, it is my belief that every person should be with the one who makes them happy. My stance is that I strive to promote positive Black love because most of the major media platforms do not depict Black love in a positive light, nor do they give significant air time to successful Black couples.

As a race we have to do a better job of showcasing our love for each other. This means that as Black men, we need to make sure that we verbally express our love and appreciation for our sistas and display it through our actions. For Black women, this means that you have to trust and believe that there are good brothas in this world and you cannot generalize us all as being unsupportive and unloving. If we work together, we can rebuild what society has been trying to take away from us….healthy Black love.

About the Author: Dr. Corey Guyton is a dynamic speaker, blogger, author, and husband who is on a mission to bring back the essence of healthy relationships. Alongside his wife, Dr. Chutney Guyton, their movement has gained momentum and they strive daily to be an example of positive Black love. Follow Dr. Guyton on twitter! @coreyguyton

The purpose of His Story is to tell the stories of Black Men young and old through videos and written work. Too often the story of Black Men is told by everyone else. His Story will be the catalyst to allow Black Men & Women to provide the positive contradiction to the prevailing Black male image of today.



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