I’m African American but …

Thoughts from a friend … 

By Andreas 

I am a Nigerian Citizen, as well as American, and in my time living in Nigeria I experienced more prejudice there than I ever have here in the states. I have decided that I will not give into what the people that hate me for my color or ethnicity want … I refuse to live my life thinking that my race would change anything in my future, I assume no one is racist until they do something racist… Not only do I judge people by the content of their character I judge myself and I live only by the content of my own character …I will not allow myself to think I can’t do something because I’m black or even spend 2 seconds thinking about what someone will think about me being black. I’m doing what I have to do and my race isn’t a part of that… To me it’s just a color, like hair color, eye color, lip color, or whatever else…. Other people filled with hate have decided that the color of our skin is what we will be “separated” and categorized by…I choose not to separate myself that way or categorize myself that way… My skin is Black, I know that but it means nothing more to me than the fact that my fingernails are clear or my hair is brown or my tongue is pink…. I love being African and American, I love my Nigerian heritage and I love the culture, it’s about tradition, customs, love, family, and friendship…. Not race, not to me, and not to my family.


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