Is BET Against Obama?

BET Runs Anti-Obama Ads Featuring ‘Buppies’

The commercial can be viewed here:

BET is running an anti-Obama ad targeting buppie voters [buppie = young, intellectual, professional, and progressive African Americans] in Washington and Ohio.

The ad,  sponsored by Pivot Point Washington Political Action Committee (PAC) in Seattle, is supposed to encourage African Americans that it’s ok to vote for another political party, according to the Pivot Point Washington’s leader Dave Shemwell.

The ad features a  young African American male and a young African American female, each challenging President Obama on education, black businesses, and gay marriage. The commercial starts with the male saying “When Obama was elected it was thrilling.” The woman challenges the audience by asking, “What has he done as President?”  The male responded, “Cut aid to black colleges. Cut aid to back businesses.” The woman chimes in again saying, “And the support of gay marriage is a slap in the face to people of faith.” To reiterate the tension between the black church and President Obama’s support of gay marriage, the male echoes the woman: “A slap in the face to people of faith.” The commercial ends with the woman asking “How can I vote for someone who doesn’t respect me?” The man echoes, “Who doesn’t respect me…

In a recent interview, Shemwell says of the black community: “You have no power when people take you for granted. You only have power when people believe realistically that you’ll seek an alternative if they don’t come through.” He added: “Once [Obama] got into office, he didn’t pay any attention to the black community.

Shemwell wanted to make sure he effectively communicated to the African American audience, so he partnered with Reverend Wayne Perryman, a local black evangelical pastor in Washington. Rev. Perryman is the author of Whites, Blacks & Racist Democrats and activist for black issues. He refers to the black community as “a forgotten race.”

The Democrats take it for granted. They don’t put anything on the table, but they get our vote,” Rev. Perryman said. “For all the votes they’re getting, they should have an agenda.” Contrary to popular belief, Perryman believes Mitt Romney is for the black community, citing his NAACP speech. “When he went to the NAACP and spoke, he talked about the conditions in our schools, in our communities,” he said. “He did make an appeal to African Americans, but we’ve seen no such appeal coming from Obama.”

Mentioning economic instability, high foreclosure, and high school dropout rates in the black community, Perryman said President Obama has neglected the black community. “If a white president was in office and all these things occurred, blacks would be out in the street,” he said. “Black people should love black people so much, regardless of who is in office. When these kinds of conditions deteriorate to the point they have now, there needs to be strong, black voices bringing up these issues.”

When asked if he believes Mitt Romney will solve the black community’s problems, he replied “What do we have to lose? I really think he’s sincere.” He added that the changes Romney plans to make may not be radical because some of the issues in the black community can only be solved by the community, not the government. “But I think he can start things moving in the right direction,” he said of Romney.



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