I Will Exercise My Right NOT To Vote

*** I’ll start by saying … In my view, anywhere you go in the world of ‘democracy’ , the two parties merely represent two wings of the same bird. These parties differ in styles rather than substance, as a hidden hand wields the real power somewhere in the shadows. A politician’s biggest lure is a bag of promises which secures for him/her the vote which is their life blood. Once they get the vote promises are forgotten and the games begin. ***

Generally, the process of electing a president in this country is presented as a “false dichotomy,” that which involves a situation in which only two alternatives are considered, when in fact there is at least one additional option. When it comes to the presidential election, you have two candidates that are presented to citizens to vote for when there are actually two other candidates running against them. Those candidates are Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) and Jill Stein (Green Party). The other 2 candidates were not invited to the previous presidential debates and will not be invited to the 3rd presidential debate. Therefore, there are only two options.

I couldn’t wait to turn 18 years old to be able to have my voice heard by voting. So, from then on forward I voted for every democrat running for Presidential office, and in the local and state elections as well. Lacking knowledge of what those politicians would offer I was being willfully ignorant. Nevertheless, I knew all about Barack Obama’s political rhetoric and the promises that he made to rebuild our country, along with the Black community. I stand by the phrase “never make a promise that you can’t keep!” During the 2008 presidential debates, Obama made very clear promises to take us toward a better future and solve the nation’s problems. With the promises Obama made, specific results were outlined. These promises ranged from not raising taxes to lower college costs; amongst other things. He was not able to keep these promises. Even further, the problem of mass incarceration in the black community was and more than likely will be completely ignored.

Although we have only 5% of the world’s population, the U.S. imprisons more people per capita than any country on earth. This accounts for 25% of the world’s prisoners. In this country, there are more than 2 million people in prison and that amount doubles when accounting for the number of people under parole and/or probation. This is obviously one of the biggest problems that the United States faces. There is over $50 billion dollars consumed annually from mass incarceration. Instead of spending this money on the Department of Justice, it could well be spent on the Department of Education and the Department of Labor by improving education and creating jobs.

Of the 2 million plus people in prison, 60% of the prisoners are racial minorities. It is obvious that racism is written all over devastating practices embedded in mass incarceration. While African-Americans are about 13% of the country’s population and about 14% of the country’s drug users, there are 37% of African-Americans in prison arrested from drugs and 56% of African-Americans in state prisons for drug offenses.

I WILL NOT VOTE FOR A TERRORIST. I am absolutely against war and if either candidates were to say they were against war as well they would be blatantly lying (not that it would be the first time, they’re politicians/liars). In less than 4 years Barack Obama has caused more “terror” in the world than George Bush Jr. did in his 8 years in office. Here’s a list:

– The number of troops have tripled in Afghanistan. Only a fool would think that those troops are over there to bring peace and help their government rebuild.

– Without congressional approval, Obama waged war on Libya. Libya has not attacked the United States of America and does not pose a threat to the United States of America. He claims that “innocent men and women face brutality and death at the hands of their own government.” and I guess it is our militaries responsibility to protect play superman/woman and protect those innocent women and men, while putting their lives danger as well. It is extremely naïve for Obama to expect civilian casualties not to mount as a result of this war.

– Barack Obama started a covert drone war in Yemen to fight al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. This war is also causing tons of civilian casualties.

– The “terror list goes on and on along with maintain presence in Iraq after the war supposedly “ended.”

During Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign, he is constantly begging for another chance and claims that the things that he promised could not have been done in just one term. While that may be true, Obama must have thought that he was speaking to sheep when he stood at those many podiums and expected voters to vote him into office twice just because he’s a cool articulate black guy that makes great promises. America’s economy is going in a downward spiral FAST and the name of the guy that is behind this problem does not begin with a g. George Bush did put this country in a horrible economic situation but for Obama to continuously blame Bush while making horrible decisions economically is the same as a black person blaming slavery for them not being able to succeed in life. If you think that’s a bad comparison the think deeper than on the surface. The recession was declared over in June 2009, but how can that be so? As a whole, the middle class is constantly regressing economically and the upper class is doing just fine. Wall Street and the stock markets are sky rocketing while the middle class and poor people are in no way a priority. When Barack Obama moved into the Oval Office, he made it clear that he would reassure the establishment but this establishment has been on the necks of the middle class and poor people since the beginning of time. There should be different priorities when it comes to economic policies. When it comes to the disproportionate amount of social misery in inner city communities, Barack Obama has made speeches about personal responsibility, working together as a community, and pulling their selves up by their own boot straps but various investment companies didn’t have to their selves up by their own boot straps. Various investment companies were given nearly 800 billion dollars to keep operating while it only take about 60 billion dollars to wipe out poverty in major portions of the country. So imagine if 800 billion dollars were given to the middle class and poor people in some way, shape, or form.

I make such and emphasis on Obama’s failures and flaws to say that I will not vote in the 2012 election. Of course I will not vote for Romney because he cares less about me that Obama does, and I’d rather spend life in Attica than vote for Romney (that may be a bit of an exaggeration). I’ve gotten a bunch of criticism about saying that I will exercise my right to NOT vote; no matter how many valid reasons I give. I am constantly told that if I don’t vote, my vote will go to Romney and essentially he will win and it’ll be all my fault (what a bullshit guilt trip). That’s completely illogical of course. My vote cannot go to Romney if I don’t use it in the first place. Furthermore, I am told that I cannot complain if I don’t vote and my response is that I’ve been complaining about the very person I voted into office for the last 4 years and I will not complain this time around because I will not have a hand in no one’s fuck ups! I will not put my trust in these two dishonest candidates but what I will continue to do is be an asset to my community and help the people around me progress in the best way possible.


*This is a personal choice and I am not and will never encourage anyone else to make this choice!*





2 comments on “I Will Exercise My Right NOT To Vote

  1. I do understand your point of view, and I agree with most of it. However, wherever you live there will also be local contests and local laws to vote about, people running for judges, school board, county commissioner etc. Those are folks who will influence your life more than any president. Don’t you want to weigh in on those contests?

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