What Are We Doing To Ourselves???? (Self-hatred)

Acceptance of false-images by African Americans [Africans] is made all the more easy and efficient by the fact that information, whether true or untrue, is almost completely controlled and manipulated by white American [European] academic and propaganda establishments [MEDIA]. Information which belies the stereotypical and “accepted” views of

African HISTORY and CULTURE, which refute false perceptions of the African PERSONALITY and MENTAL CAPABILITY, were and are, severely repressed by the white American [European] psychopolitical establishment. With no alternative information readily available to it, or having such information invalidated by the white American [European] academic establishment and press, the African American [African] community was and is left to fall under the influence of negative Eurocentric stereotypes. Consequently, many in it seek to ALIENATE themselves from anything African, seek to IDENTIFY with white Americans [Europeans] and other ethnic groups. Others, by various maladjustive means, seek to escape the “CURSE” OF BEING BORN BLACK. Hence, a combination of exploitative white American [European] projective self-fulfilling prophecies and related actions relative to the African American [African] community, in conjunction with African American [African] credulity, actualize within the collective African American [African] psyche a FALSIFIED AND PAINFULLY NEGATIVE “SELF-IMAGE.” The identification with, or the attempted avoidance of, the existence of that negative image generates and sustains a variety of maladjustive, reactionary personality/communal lifestyles and orientations which aid and abet the domination of the African American [African] community by white Americans [Europeans] – Dr. Amos Wilson

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