Black is Beautiful

by Kola Boof

First of all…just like “race”–“beauty” is a social construct.
But COLOR is not a social construct. Therefore, before you can understand “beauty”…you must understand “status” and the
fact that STATUS…overrules beauty.
For instance, no matter how beautiful the lips are on Lauryn Hill and Angela Bassett…those lips gain STATUS once you put them on Angelina Jolie. No matter how magnificent and superior Phyllis Yvonne Stickney’s rear end is…a smaller version of her rear end is celebrated and gains STATUS once you attach it to Jennifer Lopez. No matter how lovely the “tan” is on Jennifer Beales … that tan acquires STATUS once it appears on a white woman, and is especially valuable…because it is TEMPORARY on a white woman and does not pass into the womb to color the child.  The White-skinned beauty of JAPANESE…is given STATUS and considered superior…although the dark-skinned KOREAN and THAI are in actuality…far more beautiful and better built.
Still, STATUS overrules Beauty.  In communities of Color—Whiteness alone often makes a woman beautiful, no matter how FAT she is, no matter how many teeth are missing or PLAIN she is—whiteness itself is beauty, because it carries the ultimate STATUS. That’s Number one.

If you go to a Black Nation in Africa…and especially visit Black Americans and West Indians…you will find that a “Mulatto” mixed Status Symbol has been created to sit at the TOP of those various people to represent their version of “Whiteness,” “the Elite.” While the Very darkest charcoal and Blue Black blacks—-the Authentic blacks—-are relegated to the bottom rung and “disallowed” as the Representative Face to be presented to the world, because the darker they are—-the less STATUS they have and the less HUMAN they are considered. 

This is the reason why Black Men will pass over a Beautiful Chocolate Skinned Black Woman to marry an Unattractive, Fat White Woman or an Ugly “High Yellow” Black Woman….because….the lighter the woman’s skin is, the lighter the man’s children will come out and the more STATUS he will acquire through the woman’s Whiteness (regardless of what color she is). No matter how beautiful a very black skinned woman is—her beauty has no STATUS, because her beauty only creates more blackness.
Let’s use this example: Vivica Fox is considered a dark skinned woman in America. But if you put her next to Phyllis Yvonne Stickney, Vivica is suddenly 8 shades lighter and has less Africoid facial features. She, therefore, becomes the woman considered more desirable—because she has more STATUS.

–          Kola Boof










One comment on “Black is Beautiful

  1. The beauty of beauty is that it requires no understanding. Individuals wanting understanding will place a label/status to understand beauty. The American African has become a slave to the idea of beauty because they no longer understand themselves. The American African has earned their freedom.
    I would have liked to see an article glorifying beautiful traits of the American African people not the physical traits. Beauty is more than what the eye can behold, it’s what the heart tries to understand.

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